Greenpeace Loses, Slab Smiles

Greenpeace International says they lost €3.2M ($5.2M) on currency trading contracts, but unfortunately that’s not enough to substantially hurt them as it represents only ~1.27% of their €300M annual worldwide budget.  Pity.

Why hate on Greenpeace?  Because they’re a bunch of Left-wing anti-science throwbacks who do more harm than good, that’s why.

– They oppose all usable forms of energy.  Oil, nuclear, coal, and now natural gas.  They used to be for natural gas until it got plentiful, so they oppose it now on the pretext that it’s dangerous.  They’ll oppose wind & solar too, but not until it finds wider use and acceptance.

– They are big proponents of “Climate Change” – or “Climate Disruption” as I think they’ve renamed it, after having already changed it from “Global Warming” which was necessitated by a global temperature plateau that lasted seven years, going on twelve.

– They’re opposed to Genetically Modified (GM) foods.  If you were to blame them for the lack of access poor countries have to those crops, the death toll would be in the millions and the scale of suffering would be unfathomable.

Naturally, they make no effort to change policy or practice in totalitarian countries like China, even though without changing China their efforts will come to naught no matter how successful they are elsewhere.  So, yeah, I’m glad they lost a “Rainbow Warrior”-sized boatload of money.  Funny, though, how they use the same typical excuses as the Wall Street firms they loathe – rogue trader, acting beyond his authority, in violation of procedure, without the knowledge of his superiors.

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