U.S. is a Specter of Death Going Door-to-Door

Here’s an image grab from a Russian LiveJournal blog, this time from a self-described “journalist”.   Via the magic of Google Translate the jist of the post seemed to be that we’ll only know in fifty years how Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was brought down, but really it’s all a game being played by the great powers (which, in the mind of this blogger, apparently includes Russia), and so, in conclusion, America promises democracy but instead brings war and death:

Specter of U.S. Door-to-Door Death Meets Russian Bear


Firstly, Alex, an amuse-bouche: If the United States wanted to “Rule the World” we’d have installed puppet governments in our conquered satellite states. You know, the way Russia just did in Crimea.  Instead, we conquer brutal tyrannies and replace them with constitutional republics, and after that they’re on their own (see Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, South Korea, etc.)

Secondly, Alex, here’s bite of a clue sandwich for you: Your expansionist nation is waging a war, largely but not entirely by proxy, to annex Crimea and create a land bridge connecting it to Russia. Your proxy thugs and their Russian special forces enablers shot down a civilian airliner because they thought it was a Ukrainian military cargo, and so jet killed 298 innocent people.  After they learned of their mistake Russia has made every effort to cover up their responsibility and cast blame elsewhere. Only the willful blindness of fools like yourself are required for that to be successful.




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