New Toy: HP Stream 11-r020nr Notebook

I just bought myself an HP Stream 11-r020nr Notebook.  It’s got an Intel Celeron CPU (1.66GHz, 2 cores), 2GB DDR3L SDRAM, 32GB flash drive, and an 11.6″ display with onboard video.  These specs were kinda underwhelming ten years ago, but today they’re downright pitiful – and it’s not even upgradable.

So why did I buy this tricycle of a computer?  Because it’s was cheap at only $180+tx and it comes with Windows 10, so altogether it should be adequate to the purpose, and that purpose is online banking.  That will be the singular purpose of this machine.

I’ve been doing my own online banking and portfolio management for many, many years now, generally using my home desktop machine.  I also use that machine for everything else as well – email, web browsing, etc. – and although I have it somewhat secured it’s not very secure, and as such it’s not a suitable platform with which to manage my life savings.  I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t want to do it; then I reached my tipping point after reading about GozNym.

The solution is to have a separate computer with which I do the financial stuff, and only that stuff.  No web browsing, no email, no video or game playing, just using the browser to go to specific financial websites.  Nothing else.  Very little uptime and limited exposure.  On the flip side, it cost me some coin and using it is an awkward PITA.

I thought about using my 10-year-old Acer TravelMate TM4072WLCi – hey, it still runs! – but no.  I need a Windows OS to run Password Safe and so I’d have to replace WinXP.  Win7 is being phased out by MS and replaced by Win10, and buying Win10 standalone costs $100 or so – but I doubt it would recognize the hardware.  I have WinXP drivers, but would they work with Win10?  Doubtful.

All I’m really trying to do with this new notebook is to make myself a more elusive & harder target, and when you come right down to it those are bedrock principles of defense.


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