Your First Clue Was His Initials

Bernie Sanders, having just ended his leftist bid for the Democrat presidential nomination, has bought his third house, a $600K summer dacha, in his home state of Vermont.  I think this is hilarious!  It makes me want to point and laugh big hearty guffaws in the faces of his supporters – not that I would unless provoked, but the notion is delightful.

The hypocrisy of this is incandescent but, sadly, this will change nothing.  The news of this extravagant and indulgent purchase will, by and large, not reach the ears of the leftist rubes who supported him and donated to his campaign.  Probably they’ll never learn of this, and that’s a pity, but even if they do find out most are  incapable of reassessing the man, his campaign, or their own beliefs.  After a quick grimace they’ll go right back to their delusional comfort zone, and their cognitive dissonance will shrug its shoulders and move on.



Commie, Criminal, Clown

It’s not true that the front runners of the two parties are the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel; I can think of worse candidates with national recognition.  Nevertheless, these are the front runners and I… I have reservations.  I have concerns.  I sometimes wake up screaming obscenities.

What’s with this trainwreck of the Democrat field?  I think it’s this: Clinton wields great power over the party and that helps explain why there are precious few who would oppose her nomination despite her many obvious liabilities.  Although the Clinton Foundation has served to launder bribes it’s got the advantage of having the willful blindness of liberals to shield themselves from acknowledging her rampant corruption, and a light-touch liberal MSM to note that corruption with a sense of unanswered curiosity, as if to say, “Hmm, isn’t that odd, how about that, huh?”

Without ABSCAM-style suitcases full of cash in exchange for explicit favors liberals would always counter that “You Can’t Prove Anything!”, although the timing of some of these donations can be correlated with favorable outcomes explicitly or implicitly granted by Clintons or their minions.  That’s evidence enough to get most people put in jail, but they’re not most people, are they?  They’re powerful, connected, protected.  Which gets you to how you can give a private speech to Goldman-Sachs for $225K and still run for POTUS without being hounded by the press or run out of town on a rail.

The matter of the private email server, and the classified information therein, well, that’s another matter.  That’s a criminal matter.  And there’s no way around it.  The law is clear.  The evidence is indisputable.  The crimes are numerous and the penalties for those crimes involve incarceration.

This helps explain the rise of Sanders.  He’s far enough outside the circle of power brokers in the party that he’s willing to compete for the nomination.  As such he’s the only credible alternative to Clinton for the nomination despite his many electability issues.  Issues like, for example, his being a Marxist, and as such having demonstrated his blithering idiocy and ignorance of economics.  Oh, there’s more, plenty more which make him an otherwise unlikely choice for the Democrat nomination but Clinton is repugnant enough to liberals that many prefer him to her.  They’ll hold their nose and vote for her if they have to, then go to the bathroom to retch, but better either one of them than a (*shudder*) Republican.  I could be wrong about that, though.  They might end up voting for her in the general election with their heads held high.  Either way, they’ll vote for whatever yellow dog gets the ticket.

On the other side of the aisle we have Trump, although I’m unconvinced that he has any business being on the other side, what with his close associations and donations to the Democrats.  There’s anger, even outrage from the Republican base at the Republican leadership for their ineffectual fecklessness, and it’s deserved.  They talk tough then cut deals which are indistinguishable from capitulation.

Still, how Trump came to be the alternative to inside-the-beltway Republicans is a unfathomable.  To me, at least.  Leaving aside the outstanding alternatives like Cruz or Rubio (and you’ll note that I’ve characterized them as “outstanding” and not “perfect”), the fact is that Trump is a boorish buffoon who has no business in the White House; not even as a guest.

It’s not like the pollsters are being trolled; Trump has actual turnout at rallies – and they cheer him.  If there’s a ray of hope it’s this: we have yet to see him win a primary, although that may only be because there haven’t been any primaries.  So, it may be that pollsters are being trolled, that the liberal MSM is hyping the worst alternative, and that people will come to their senses when they cast their ballots.

If I had a god I would pray that it be so.  I would give prayers.  Offerings too, I can do offerings!  An unblemished year old lamb, male or female, perhaps a ram?  Let’s talk turkey.

How Badass Can You Be With a Name Like Bernie?

So I got this email from Bernie Sanders, and … OK, that deserves an explanation, so I’ll back up.

I’m on the DNC and Democrat candidate-contender email lists for this election cycle. I find it interesting to see their tactics and read their talking points. For a party that prides itself on intellectual acumen it’s remarkable how often and relentlessly these emails target the uninformed and simple-minded, but perhaps that’s a subject for another blogpost.

Getting back to the point, I got an email from the Bernie 2016 campaign purporting to have been written by Bernie Sanders himself, and let’s just go with that, shall we? Here’s some of what Bernie had to say:

“One of the biggest mistakes President Obama made once he was in office was, after mobilizing millions of Americans during his brilliant 2008 campaign, to basically tell those supporters, ‘Thank you, I’m going to sit down with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and take it from here.’
I will not make that mistake.
[…] If we’re going to accomplish what we want for this country, it won’t happen by negotiating with Mitch McConnell — it will only happen when millions of Americans get out and make their voices heard.”

It’s worth noting that POTUS Obama started out setting the tone his 1st term by declaring “I won” to Republican lawmakers during negotiations over the “stimulus” package of 2009. Negotiations between the Republicans and the Obama Administration have since been contentious and often unproductive, with the Republicans characterizing Obama and Democrats as having issued “my way or the highway” ultimatums to Republicans. Naturally, Democrats disagree with that characterization, and it’s worth a separate discussion, but in this blogpost I’d like to put a spotlight on Bernie’s words. So, here we have Presidential-hopeful Bernie Sanders promising not to negotiate with the Republicans. Lovely.

Bipartisanship be damned. That’s not right-wing Republican propaganda; that’s what he has to say for himself. I’ll go on to make the point that the Liberal definition of “bipartisan” is when Republicans do what Democrats want, and when Democrats do what Republicans want it’s called caving-in, regardless of whether both are part of a negotiated agreement. Happily, we wouldn’t have to deal with the headache of that cognitive dissonance if Badass Bernie becomes POTUS!