Could Have Been Worse – The U.S. Could Have Been the Little Rat

This Live Journal image feed provides a steady stream of random images people are posting – mostly Russian people, it seems. Here’s a fascinating bit of Russian propaganda I found today:

G-20 Hydra

Standing in sunlight on green grass, the armed and armored warriors of Russia and China face off against the shadowed monster of G-20. The monster occupies the G-20 rock, but is not representative of the G-20; I surmise that by virtue of the fact that China is a G-20 member, as is Russia (for the time being).  Note the dollar sign on the chest of the monster, appropriate in that the Dollar is both the currency of the United States and the reserve currency of the world.  Note also that the claws on the wings are missiles.

Right-to-Left, the heads of the Hydra:

1) Japan, the rat.
2) United Kingdom, the Lion.
3) France, the chicken.
4) United States, the vulture.
5) Germany, the Nazi skull.
6) Argentina, the warthog?

… and then there’s that little rat hanging off Argentina’s ear – why? It’s probably obvious to the Russian target audience, but what does that rat represent? Why is Argentina a head of the beast and not, say, G-20 member Italy?  Other notable G-20 countries that didn’t make the cut for a head of the beast include Australia, Canada, India, South Korea. Curiously, Western-unfriendly G-20 member states Brazil, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia aren’t here either.

I have as many questions as answers.  Still, it’s nice to see America represented here (front and center) as intimidating our enemies.