EmDrive Pushing Forward

Here’s more news as a followup to “EmDrive – Propulsion Revolution” – NASA continues to test the EmDrive reactionless thruster with promising results, and they’re making progress with theory development to explain the otherwise inexplicable test results.  There’s a report that experiments show EM drive works in a vacuum, thus dispelling the leading debunking theory that the measured thrust was an artifact arising from internal thermal convection.  What’s more, the working theory helps explain disparate results between U.S. & UK & China teams.

This is exciting!  Read the latest here, although sadly there’s no word yet on what it sounds like.


EmDrive – Propulsion Revolution

NASA confirms: EmDrive works – propulsion without propellant. Yes, I’d say that’s OMG WTF big news!  According to the homepage FAQ, 1st generation will be suitable for spacecraft thrusters, and the 2nd generation (which assumes use of superconducting cavities) should be suitable for terrestrial ground vehicles.  I wonder if the EmDrive goes “weeble-weeble-weeble“…